Does Your Real Property Deed Do What You Want It To?

One of the biggest questions that comes up when buying a home or other real estate is “how do you want to hold title?” In other words, how do you want to own the property? This question and your answer to it may soon be forgotten, but the impact continues throughout ownership.

Although it may be tempting to quickly pick an option without much thought so you can move forward with the purchase, your choice could have a huge financial impact on you and your loved ones, and will determine who owns your home if you die.

What Would Happen to Your Photos, Music, and Online Accounts?

Do you store your photos online, or password-protected on your computer? Do you pay important bills or monitor your finances through online accounts? What about your music collection?

What would happen to these digital assets (yes, assets) if you died or became critically ill or injured? Who would be able to access them? Who would you want to have them?

Why does your child or parent need an advance health care directive?

Can you believe it’s autumn already?  While many people are in back-to-school mode and we start to look ahead to holiday plans with friends and family, there is an important item that is often overlooked: Advance Health Care Directives (AHCDs) for everyone 18 and older.  Everyone should have one, but AHCDs are especially important for college students heading off to college and any loved one who doesn’t live locally…