My goal is to make it more convenient, comfortable, personal, and straightforward to work with a lawyer.

I work with busy professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, and parents who want protection, peace of mind, and convenience, including local, out-of-state, and international clients with California legal needs.

I leverage modern technology to make legal services easier to obtain, more comfortable, and less time-consuming, without sacrificing quality. At the same time, I take an old-fashioned approach to legal counsel. I want to be your trusted legal advisor, and that means earning your trust.

Hiring a lawyer doesn’t have to be intimidating or outrageously expensive. Trust and open communication between you and your lawyer are essential. I take pride in being approachable, real, and available to my clients.

I value integrity, trust, great service, peace of mind, and sustainability. If you share these values, contact me today! I look forward to speaking with you.


Marisa Nelson