Due to the current status of the law in this area, including the effects of DOMA and the variety of approaches to LGBT relationships that currently exist in each state, additional legal planning is necessary to protect you and your loved ones. It is important to seek the advice of an attorney who is aware of the legal issues unique to your situation. Unfortunately many of the protections currently built in to state and federal law do not apply to same-sex couples. For this reason I use a variety of tools to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected in a variety of ways. Tragedy may strike at any time, but being prepared in advance can help minimize the effects and the challenges that arise as a result.

Will you be able to visit your partner if he or she is hospitalized? Will your children be able to visit you if you are hospitalized? Will your partner have access to your health care records and be able to participate in your health care decisions? Do you have an estate plan in place? Have you protected your desire to leave your estate to your partner? If you die, who would inherit your property? Who would care for your children? We can address all of these scenarios and more.

Together we can create, as applicable, a Will and/or Trust, Health Care and Financial Powers of Attorney, HIPAA Authorizations, and whatever else is needed to protect you and your family. I can also help you register your domestic partnership with the California Secretary of State if you have not already done so.