Tips for Keeping Costs Down

For some clients, convenience and time savings are king, and I am happy to oblige. After all, my business is built on full service and convenience for my clients. But for many, saving money is also a factor. If you would like to reduce your legal bill without sacrificing quality, here are some tips for doing just that when working with me - or with any professional - on an hourly basis. Of course these are suggestions, not rules, and it’s really up to you what works best for you. So whatever your priorities are, let me know and we’ll work together to make them happen! If you’re on a tight budget, let me know. If you simply don’t have time to deal with unnecessary details, let me know. Either way, I’ll tailor my services to you.

  • Check out the free information on my website and in the handouts I send at the beginning of the process! I put them together to help answer a lot of common questions and give you some background as we go through the process.
  • There are also a lot of other free resources out there which provide information on legal terms and concepts. While you can’t trust everything you read on the internet, they can be a good place to start. Then come to me for the specifics and how they apply to you!
  • I work hard to be very thorough in my emails and answers to your questions, so check back through previous emails if you think I might have already provided the information you’re looking for.
  • You may wish to take notes during phone calls and meetings so that you can remember later what we discussed. I don’t mind waiting while you jot things down; if I get too excited and move too quickly, please feel free to ask me to press pause.
  • Something that I like to do for you, and which you can also do for me, is organizing emails in lists or bullet points so that we’re sure to hit every point in responding. I also love inserting responses to an email in line, right under each of your questions, rather than clumping them all together in one big paragraph. You can do this too (just make a note at the top so I’m sure to look for your inline responses) - it can make things so much faster and clearer for both of us!
  • If you’re referring to a specific sentence in an earlier email or a drafted document, it can help save time to paste the referenced language directly into your email. If that isn’t an option, be as specific as possible when you’re describing where I should look, e.g. “In paragraph 4, page 3, the sentence that begins xxx, what does abc mean? I understand a, but don’t understand how b and c connect to a.”
  • If you are particularly cost sensitive, please let me know up front. The sooner I know, the sooner I can work with you to keep costs down. Also, if you would like frequent updates on your total bill, let me know and I can do that too. This is especially important if we’re working on a short deadline, as costs can climb more quickly in these circumstances.
  • Shorter deadlines can lead to increased costs for a number of reasons. If you have a deadline in mind and you’re on a budget, please talk to me about your deadline and your budget right from the start. We can work together to figure out something that works, and prioritize where we need to.